A universal pad dyeing system suitable for dyeing all kinds of textile piece goods.


SAMGLOPAD DYEING SYSTEM  is a range of products enabling the industry to produce economical and innovative finishing effects on textile piece goods.
At the same time, colour can be added to the finishes and fixed on to various fibres and their blends.  The process is non fibre specific, the goods are simply padded or coated with respective chemical formulation dried and cured, light to medium shades can be obtained by this system.

***It is very suitable for dyeing on Lycra fabrics***


  • No separate dyeing stage is needed, therefore saving time and capital cost.
  • No fibre specific, therefore various mixture can be dyed the same way.
  • The shade can be seen and adjusted if necessary, at the beginning of the process, in about 15 min. therefore no spoil fabrics and no shading necessary.
  • High production rates: for example 40 meters per minute.
  • No rinse or wash off is needed, therefore saving water and energy furtheremore, there is very little effluent from dropping and rinsing dye tank and pad trough.


  1. Pretreatment
    The goods should be pretreated the usual way to be absorbent and suitable for padding.
  2. Dyeing

    1. Equipments
      Dye padder with uniform expression and stenter minimum five bays with uniform air flow.
    2. Chemicals
      The system is composed of three major components our standard required formulation is as follows:

      SAMGLOPAD P 5% - 10% 50- 100 g/1
      SAMGLOPAD SP 3% - 10% 50- 100 g/1
      SAMGLOPAD M 1.5% - 2.5% 15 - 25 g/1
      WATER Y% Y g/1
        100% 1000 G

      • Run padded material pick up 70% depending on type of fabrics, 15 - 40 meter per minute
      • Pad dry below 120°C  (see table below) for optimum fastness fixation luring temperature should as high as possible.
      • If increase recovery on wrinkle free finish is required DHDMEU resins can be incorporated in the pad formulation.
      • The same applies for handle modifier such as nonionic softeners and silicone lubricants.
      • Additional antimigrants like antimigrant ACP can be added into the pad liquor.
    3. Fixation
      Set stenter temperatures, depending on fibre type and fabrics weight.


      5 Minutes 150°C
      2..5 Minutes 160°C
      80 Seconds 175°C
      40 Seconds 185°C



Crosslinkable binder system in the SAMGLO PAD system.

- Composition Modified crosslinking acrylic copolymer
- Appearance White Emulsion
- Ionic Charge Nonionic / Anionic
- pH 6.0 - 8.0
- Dispersibility Dispersible in warm and cold water
- Shelf life 12 months when stored in closed containers under cool conditions



Crosslinkable and handle modifier with anti-migrant properties.

- Composition Modified crosslinking system
- Appearance Translucent Emulsion
- Ionic Charge Nonionic / Anionic
- pH 7.5 - 8.5
- Specific Gravity 1.09
- Dispersibility Dispersible in warm and cold water
- Shelf life 12 months when stored in closed containers



catalyst for the SAMGLO PAD dyeing system.

- Composition Solution of inorganic salt
- Appearance Clear liquid, low viscosity
- Ionic Charge Nonionic / Anionic
- pH 5-5 - 5-8
- Solubility Fully soluble in water
- Shelf life Unlimited when stored in closed container